We demand that leaders of organizations who have numerous allegations of emotional and physical abuse and sexual violence to cease all organizing operations and step down from their positions of leadership. You are a danger to the community, especially to young women. 


We demand that this community take responsibility and divest from individuals, groups and organizations that have a well-documented history of covering up rape and abuse.


We are fully aware of the #DefundPolice campaign in light of the death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. If the police are defunded, we demand to know what the alternative will be for survivors who need help with a crisis. If you don’t want survivors to call the police, then who should we call? We need answers and we need them now.


We demand diverting funds from the police back to resources where they were taken from: mental health services, domestic violence services, shelters for people without homes, education, increasing jobs, etc.


Our Demands


We demand that our governments hold police accountable for violence against Black women and girls. Both the City and officers involved must admit liability, and issue apologies to the families and communities of trans and cis women and girls killed, abused, and assaulted by officers.


We demand that activists, politicians, policymakers and advocacy organizations use an intersectional gender and racial lens when developing policy platforms to ensure that comprehensive solutions to state violence are being built and that the myriad ways in which it impacts the lives of all Black people are addressed.


We demand activists, advocates and stakeholders gain skills to talk about the multiplicity of ways in which state violence affects all Black women and girls. In so doing, stakeholders can move beyond a frame that highlights only killing. All Black women—transgender, non-transgender, and gender-nonconforming—must be included in this reconceptualization.


We demand an end to the use of no-knock warrants.


We demand creating and passing reforms that specifically address the home as a site of police violence against Black women.


We demand creating and enacting use-of-force policies to prohibit the use of Tasers or excessive force on pregnant women or children.