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Say Her Name Coalition


Continuing in the matrilineal wisdom of our foremothers; Toni Morrison, Audre Lorde, Bell Hooks, and so many more, Say Her Name Coalition continues the work of affirming, empowering, uplifting and fighting for the visibility and livelihood of Black women and femmes. Our work is deeply rooted in black feminist thought, radical self-love, affirming our autonomy and ability to express ourselves outside of a white supremacist system that oppresses our entire existence.


We affirm all aspects of what it means to be Black and woman. We honor and show up in the most true and fullest way we know how. We honor all sexual identities and genders; gender non-conforming,two spirit, femme, LGBTQUAI+ gender fluid and cisgender. Within our work, SHNC seeks to address food justice, economic support, health and mental wellness, policy, sexual wellness, healing, organizing and all ways that seek to transform, inspire and educate Black women and girls.


We seek to smash respectability politics, patriarchal and white supremic systems, mysogynoir and all ways that suggest that we have to present a specific version of ourself to receive respect. We stand in solidarity with sex workers, the working class, and the grassroots organizations that have done this work long before our existence and those that will continue after. 

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